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::27.10.2007:: - Laguna Loire's Way - download - 633 mb

Video Source: Final Fantasy VIII
Audio Source: OST + ff9
Info: ~documentary - mpeg2 - 46.00

Video to tribute Laguna's style. He is just an game character, I know, but he has his attitude and way. There are no any effects or efforts to make an exciting video..I just wanted to keep the sence, the atmosphere, the feelings, which original have brought me. So I have captured all the "naps" form the game and compiled them chronologically. Probably it is not as cool as playing the game but anyway it is well done =)

The size is 633 mb. Sorry but it is the minimum to keep the quality for 46 minutes. Uncompressed file was 82 GB!
made on 26.10.2007
By Breezeloyre

::28.09.2007:: - Психушка N7 - download - 37 mb

Video Source: Photos of my school (2004)
Audio Source: GTA: London (OST) - Unknown; Кино - Сельва
Info: Slide show - Divx - 6.48
Old slide show about my school. Everyone is little and funny...
made on 16.11.2004
By Breezeloyre

::16.09.2007:: - School Party - download - 97 mb

Video Source: Captured at my school
Audio Source: Roxette - How do you do
Info: Video clip - Divx - 2.58
Oh it was a great fun doing this video! We have captured it with my schoolmates as a presentation for a school performance. There is an inscription at the beginning in russian which means "cool chap Andrew".
made on 29.10.2006
By Breezeloyre

::16.09.2007:: - Final Way - download - 115 mb

Video Source: Final Fantasy 9
Audio Source: Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the way
Info: AMV - Divx - 3.59
I really love final fantasy! So it is my tribute. It is not my very first video, but i prefer to start with it. I might upload previous ones someday. I was fond of this song in 2004...
made on 24.10.2004
By Breezeloyre