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:The sweetheart memories... The junction of World's cultural achievements. Really appropriate sound and color. Exciting, smart, impressive, harmonious, conciliative, amusing, wise, free... A big heart. My favourite video game, credo. My very very final fantasy...
I haven't been playing new parts for a long time (the last was ff9) due to the lack of "PS2" or whatever... And I am not going to obtain this "whatever". So it's a bit retro FF's page...
I have written an explanation for the way to play FF. Check it out: psx emulation section. We have a place to converse about the best game in the world ;): FF's forum.

::27.10.2007:: - Laguna Loire's Way - download - 633 mb

Video (.mpg)
My favourite character from ff8 and his adventures. Don't want to write the same so, a bit more there: Video Ground.
made on 26.10.2007
By Breezeloyre

::16.09.2007:: - Final Way - download - 115 mb

Video (.avi)
I have choosen ff9 to make this AMV because it was my favourite (now it is replaced by ff8). So it is my first tribute to final fantasy. Video Ground also have it.
made on 24.10.2004
By Breezeloyre

::16.09.2007:: - Boco - download - 0.7 mb

Flash (.swf)
it's a cool flash animation including remixed FF song and a lot of characters from the whole seria. It can be interesting only for people who have played FF. I like it...it's really FF style.
Thanks to the author!
made on ??.??.2002
By Legendary Frog