:Hey! Is it all?!
It is been awhile...ahem since last post..but anyway it is not the matter..what I think now is terrible...probably this project is going to be closed. I am not sure...But it is all because of a new project i am working on. It is going to be more serious and so takes time. And I consider this cite really cool designed now. So a littile bit lost-feelings. The cite will be avalibale for half an year more and then dissapear..That's what's going to happen. And well however it is not fineshed project and not a...uhh that's it. It was a nice effort i guess...that's what i wanted to say..bye bye! ) I am still alive.


:Autumn and holidays.
Now I have finished this term and actually Video about Laguna Loire is ready (video ground). I spent more time on it then i expected. It is a huge one - 46 minutes. It is really special and i am not sure if it is going to be interesting for everyone. I've made it because..umm.. don't exactly know why..well...I like the game and the character...Yeah, and We are probably going to capture a movie! A full movie...It will take a long long time for sure.


:Almost done! 1 month after.
Well well Well. 1 month has passed and the site's structure seems finished. The site's and forum's designs have changed and become better. I haven't done programming and photos sections but I ll give them up for a while. Because I am working on a new video. It is gonna be odd...about Laguna Loire :).


:The very first day of BL!
Welcome to BreezeLoyre.net!
So then It's my own website, which is going to cover my creativity and self. And actually the adea was to do something about things i like. Well i can't deal very well with words even with English words (I'am russian). Therefore it's not like i am going to write a lot. Currently i am working on what you can find in the menu. But i may expand my horizon. Everything gonna be active soon... Enjoy it!
Oh...and visit our forum.