::Playstation Emulation Section::

:It is an important stuff for me. Because Playstation is linked with my childhood. Actually It is the way to play final fantasy now :).
If you want more...Ngemu.com is a good resource for you. PSX emulation forum is waiting for some fresh ideas :).

::19.09.2007:: - PSX The Way

It is all-you-need set. Two emulators (ePSXe and PSXeven) with plugins and my explanation. It doesn't work properly with Windows Vista! :( (on my computer though).

Use it really! You will have lots of fun and pleasure. Cool games are:
Final Fantasy (all parts)
Persona 2
Chrono Cross
Breath Of Fire IV
Tales Of Destiny II
Parasite Eve 1/2
Resident Evil 3
Syphon Filter 3 ...

You can download games (ISOs/IMGs - read about it in my explanation) from the internet. I myself use emuparadise.org.

ePSXe - Download - 1.5 mb.
PSXeven - Download - 1.5 mb.
made on 08.09.2007
By Breezeloyre